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The future of AI in healthcare?

Imagine the vast amounts of data and medical information that the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors collect and maintain every day. What insights can we gather and what are the promising applications for AI-driven applications and digital innovation in the near future?

Despite a strong market pull and proven ability to deliver game-changing developments and commercial outcomes, medical AI applications are notorious to be challenging and time-consuming to develop.

In this practical guide, we draw on our multi-disciplinary expertise from numerous AI projects to share insights based on essential principles and our approach on developing AI for healthcare.

In this free guide:

You will understand how you can create safe, reliable AI solutions with essential principles that satisfy regulatory requirements and genuinely improve patients’ lives.

  • High data and labelling quality
  • Good machine learning practices
  • Simple, transparent, interpretable models
  • Thorough evaluation
  • Reproducible machine learning pipelines
  • Manage data, model and code history
  • Comprehensively document code, data, models and design decisions
  • Communicate results and uncertainty carefully

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Nicolas Lai
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Nicolas Lai

Sector Lead (Health Ecosystem)

Nicolas oversees the Healthcare and MedTech vertical at Zuhlke Singapore. As part of the Business Development team, he works on digital innovation initiatives together with both global and local customers. Nicolas finds joy in helping clients connect the dots, from conceptualisation to creation of exciting products.

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