Digital Enterprises are Falling Behind in the Digital Race How Do You Respond?

  • Deliver More Features Faster
  • Build strong digital foundations using Cloud and APIs
  • Integrate digital assets within digital experience
  • Securely expose APIs to knit together into digital experience
  • Create deeply connected solutions

  • Build a
    digital platform

  • Digital@Scale
    is 24*7

  • Use a common

  • Release frequently with
    forward recovery

  • Engineers who build
    products also support them

  • Build feedback loops
    at all levels

  • Create a Digital
    Programme office

  • Build high performing cross functional teams

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fail to scale

Deliver scalable digital services at speed to get successful returns on investment (ROI)

Neil Moorcroft proposes an alternative approach to successful digital transformation, based on two things: the strong foundation of a digital platform that is built with the needs of developers in mind; and new ways of working that empower those developers to continually innovate.

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Adopt new ways of working to deliver digital and overcome resistance to change

At every organisation, robust digital delivery at scale requires a convergence of product, engineering and working practices, but how this is achieved can differ quite significantly from organisation to organisation, depending on specific needs –

  • Find out Four scenarios to explore how new ways of working can help scale digital initiative

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What is Scaled Agile?

Developing Customer Experiences at Scale

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