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Shape your future with Zühlke

A completely new system of working in Serbia!

Zühlke career options are a revolutionary system invented to offer a flexible workplace for our employees. By selecting one of our new career options, they can perfectly balance work and private life as they choose fit.

Empowering People

This means no more stressing about whether your sudden private matters affect your career.

Need more time with your family? Want to travel the world for a while? Ready to hustle more and earn more? No worries, we got you covered.

With our flexible career options, we place the power of decision in your hands. Feel comfortable knowing that YOU decide for how long, when, and how much you work.

REcharge - A flexible package that adjusts to your lifestyle

What if – every time you change, your work changes with you? With the REcharge option you can freely reduce your working hours, and be ready for anything, all the while enjoying a full set of benefits.                                  
We have a dedicated system that can calculate a reduction of hours down to 80% or 60% – and it’s all been tried and tested. 
This is a go-to package for everyone who wants just a little bit more flexibility in life.

recharge 2

REady - Created for those who can handle the extra workload

This package is carefully assembled to reward those who can handle the extra workload, all the while providing them with regular support from the company.

You know you need to put some extra effort if you really want to push the whole industry forward. The REady package won’t get in your way – it is a fine piece of engineering, with everything unnecessary stripped off. This streamlined package is for you if you are all about that bass, no treble.


Many of our co-workers have already chosen their options.

Here is what they have to say:

„ I am working on my master thesis and have other hobbies and interests besides programming that I wanted to pursue, so reducing work hours was just what I needed. Also, with this package, I have more time to spend with my family and my dog. “
Jana Protić, Zühlke
Advanced Software Engineer
„ REady is an ideal opportunity for me to develop more by focusing and dedicating to my project activities. A challenging environment is always helping you grow more. It’s great that Zühlke managed to adopt and create this option because it suites my needs. “
Đorđe Madić, Zühlke
Expert Software Engineer
Milica Vujcic Zühlke
Ansprechpartner für Serbien

Milica Vujcic

Recruiting & Talent Relations