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High-tech start-ups & co-investors

Zühlke Ventures invest in high-tech start-ups. We value calculable risks and accompany our funding projects meticulously. In addition to funding, we also contribute our experience and network with the aim of crossing boundaries, enabling innovation and creating value.

A safe ascent for start-ups

Zühlke Ventures accompany high-tech start-ups: with entrepreneurial spirit, management experience and technology expertise. With our know-how we can accelerate product development and shorten the time to market. As an active and involved partner we cooperate closely on strategies and planning. We support the management team comprehensively with the goal of developing the start-up into a company with long-term success. We work with entrepreneurially-minded founders, whose desire for innovation is greater than their pride in a good idea. In this way, we create excellence together.

The right partners at your side
In our role as investors, Zühlke Ventures doesn’t only provide capital. We are also specialists in the field, know the market, and actively support start-ups. Our long-standing experience and broad network of investors ensure long-term funding continuity.

How we work together
One of our three partners takes a seat on your board of directors. This encourages an intensive exchange of ideas in official board meetings and in informal situations. Zühlke Ventures focus on strategic issues and leave the operational management to you.

Why we are a reliable investor
As a subsidiary of the Zühlke Group we have a healthy capital base. We invest our own money and also have a network of reliable co-investors.

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A clear perspective for investors

Zühlke Ventures invest in innovation. As lead or co-investor with initial investment volumes up to 1.5 million Swiss francs, we commit to high-tech start-ups at an early stage. We focus on technology the Zühlke Group understands, from micro-technologies to IT. Geographically, we concentrate on German-speaking markets, the UK and the USA. We assess our funding projects meticulously and contribute not just money, but also our experience and network, with the aim of crossing boundaries, enabling innovation and creating value. This makes us the ideal partner for co-investors seeking disciplined risk behaviour.

Early stage has potential
Investing in early stage is attractive when the start-up can be sold early, ideally at market entry. The capital requirement is lower, the risk period is shorter and the yield higher.

Why we invest in early stage
Our long-standing experience in managing technology companies enables us to realistically assess the early stages of a start-up and provide active support. In this period, we share our entire know-how with the start-up and exploit synergies to the fullest, thus achieving the greatest impact.

Why we are the right investment partner for you
Zühlke Ventures invest their own money in start-ups, so we have the same interests as our co-investors. We exercise extreme discipline in selecting start-ups, avoid all unnecessary risks, and place great emphasis on professional and far-reaching due diligence. Our systematic, state-of-the-art reporting ensures the transparency of our activities on a
regular basis.

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