Lower back pain is one of the most common types of back pain in adults and can be debilitating. There are many different diagnoses, but the sacroiliac (SI) joint is involved in more than 15% of cases. The joint connects the hip bones to the spinal column and as a consequence experiences constant strain. Inflammation of the SI joint is correspondingly painful. In chronic cases which are not well controlled by physiotherapy and painkillers, surgical fixation of the joint remains the only option. The market for SI joint fixation is large and is growing disproportionately compared to the back orthopaedic market as a whole.


The implant Tenon Technology AG is developing for SI joint fixation is innovative both in its shape and in the surgical procedure used. The implant stabilises the joint via a press fit, i.e. without the use of screws. A single implant is used for each joint and the operation uses a minimally invasive technique via an easily accessible incision. The result is that the operation is simpler, more efficient and carries fewer risks. Patents have been registered internationally.

Tenon is financed by Zühlke Ventures AG and US investors and businesses, thereby benefitting from Zühlke’s US medical technology network. The implant is developed by Zühlke Engineering AG in close partnership with influential US research institutes and laboratories.

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