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Leman Micro Devices sends all your vital signs, including blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate, straight to your smartphone. And that makes mobile devices even smarter: the current state of your health and fitness can be monitored anytime, anywhere. Data can be sent to doctors, clinics, relatives and friends to build up a personal network of healthcare providers.

The start-up is developing an inexpensive, miniature sensor module that can be integrated into conventional smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Leman Micro Devices plans to provide cloud-based services for the data transfer of measured values to healthcare providers, clinics and research institutions.


Smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming ever more intelligent and performing increasingly complex functions. Manufacturers have driven this development to take advantage of the enormous and growing market potential, and Leman Micro Devices has been following this trend closely. The young company has also been addressing another trend in the e-health field: the increase in health awareness among the general public. In particular, patients and older people are increasingly making use of technology  to keep doctors and healthcare providers informed of their vital signs.

By combining a sensor module with the data transfer of measured values, Leman Micro Devices stands ready to tap a vast potential market.

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