Since the product launch in 2009, DSwiss has been very successful with its SecureSafe online data safe and password safe for private clients around the world. Customers worldwide make use of this highly secure and easy-to-use internet safe. Now, additionally to the access from any computer using a web browser, the online data safe is also available with the highly secure iPhone / iPad app.

In 2010, DSwiss also started marketing its data safe as an added value product for banks. A number of Swiss private and retail banks will therefore be offering their customers an internet data safe solution in 2012 for the secure and long-term storage of personal documents, in some cases as an extension to their existing online banking services.


The DSwiss Internet data safes also provide an elegant solution for the confidential and worldwide delivery of banking documents. Customers can, for example, allow bank statements to be automatically delivered to their data safe as PDF files.

DSwiss AG was founded in 2008 and is an independent limited company based in Zurich, Switzerland. The company specializes in high security internet services (software-as-a-service) and the long-term storage of digital data. DSwiss offers companies the possibility of quickly and securely launching internet data safes for their own end customers. DSwiss AG also operates SecureSafe, the world’s leading online data safe with the built-in DataInherit function.

More information is available at or www.twitter.com/dswiss

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