Zühlke Ventures

Investment focus

Zühlke Ventures finance ideas with manageable risks that hit the nerve of the market. Because we evaluate carefully before acting, we are able to enter at the critical early phase with reasonable risks. In addition to funding, we also contribute our experience and network with the aim of crossing boundaries, enabling innovation and creating value. We are the ideal partner for co-investors who value calculable risks and for innovative high-tech start-ups.

We are looking for management teams with an entrepreneurial spirit and a track record. This coupled with experience in the industry, a strong desire for collaboration and agreement on the exit planning.

We maintain an active, cooperative partnership on an equal footing with the management team and provide access to Zühlke Group’s know-how.

The Zühlke Ventures representative takes an active role in the board of directors.

The start-ups we support are engaged in an attractive market with considerable leverage potential over growth and/or margins. Limited substitution options and good IP-protection allow sufficient room for manoeuvre.

Start-up positioning
We invest in companies with high quality products, clearly identifiable core competencies and an innovative edge.
Geographic focus
Zühlke Ventures are mainly active in Switzerland, but our company portfolio is complemented by interests in Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Our key areas are medical technology, eHealth, mHealth.

We focus primarily on early stage; seed or later stages are of secondary interest.

Share of capital
Zühlke Ventures hold a minority stake, aiming for at least 10% at the exit stage.

Form of financing
We finance primarily in shareholders’ equity, optionally also in debt capital (convertible loan).

Investment period
We invest in the short to medium term and aim for an exit within 3-6 years via trade sale.

Scale of investment
On average, we invest CHF 0.5 - 1.5 million per start-up.