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Product Innovation

Competitive advantages through product innovation

A manufacturer of premium precision laser systems for the scientific and industrial sectors decided to add a touchscreen to its high-end product range. Zühlke developed the touch user interface.

Customer benefits

  • TOPTICA is able to launch the product in a very short time.
  • TOPTICA is now in a position to carry out future development work on the application autonomously.
  • Zühlke team introduces a continuous integration process at the client.


TOPTICA Photonics AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-precision diode laser systems. In developing a new product, the company decided to improve the user friendliness of its systems by incorporating a touchscreen, enabling the lasers to be controlled either via a PC or directly. The latest technology was used. The focus was on a coherent design and intuitive usability. This innovation was also aimed at securing the client’s competitive advantage as a premium provider.

Project approach

Zühlke deployed an interdisciplinary team to analyse the operating concept and adapt it to the requirements of a touchscreen. In order to address any major technical, and in particular performancerelated, risks, the core concepts were implemented in a technology prototype. The project team then implemented the required functions based on the selected architecture and optimised the design of the front plate to improve features such as user friendliness. A key factor was the extensible architecture, which enabled the existing PC user interface and the newly developed touch UI to be built on a common business layer. Ongoing usability testing ensured that the user interface provided end customers with the required added value. Close cooperation between the design, usability and implementation teams ensured that development cycles were short and enabled Toptica’s expectations to be continuously reconciled with the technical possibilities.

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