Simplified Client- Onboarding with efficient CRM

A new CRM solution helped an international private bank to streamline its customer processes. Zühlke was able to roll the software out to 16 sites in 12 countries in record time.

Customer Benefits

  • The client has a single point of contact.
  • The new CRM solution is market-ready within just four months.
  • Thanks to intensive on-site support, the roll-out is glitch-free thanks to intensive on-site support.
  • Rapid user acceptance.


The international banking business is heavily regulated. Legal and regulatory requirements mean that everyday operations and customer processes have to meet exacting standards. Financial services businesses have to comply both with international directives and with national legislation. To meet these requirements, a Swiss private bank tasked Zühlke with the overall responsibility for developing and rolling out a new unified CRM solution.


The software was able to be rolled out to the first site after just four months. The solution was designed to be able to be configured for country-specific requirements, with the result that just eight months were required to roll it out to a further eleven countries. By providing intensive training, country-specific user documentation and on-site assistance, Zühlke ensured that the roll-out was smooth and that the new system achieved excellent user acceptance.