Lean Compliance

Monitoring software in an agile environment

Zühlke further develops of the monitoring software in the Swisshelicopter. Thanks to the agile approach a working software for test runs is available at all times.

Customer Benefits

  • Maiden flight on schedule despite stricter project requirements.
  • No interruptions during test runs thanks to agile approach.
  • Sustainable system thanks to Zühlke know-how.


For testing purposes and commissioning the new helicopter, the Marenco Swisshelicopter Ltd relied on a LabVIEW-based data acquisition and visualization system. The sensor data were recorded in the helicopter, stored, and transmitted to the ground station for visualization. Down below, Marenco engineers monitored the test runs via the visualization interface continuously. Because of the constant new demands placed upon the monitoring software, it was reaching its limits. Zühlke is to increase the performance of the software and implement new advanced features.


With targeted LabVIEW optimizations, Zühlke increased the software’s performance so that it could cope with the large amounts of data generated during the test runs. Adjustments to the software architecture ensured that the measuring system was ready for future upgrades. In addition, the error handling was re-engineered to simplify the traceability of any bugs. Finally, thanks to a newly created program library, customers were given the option to add additional functions and displays to the user interface themselves. To accommodate a planned future upgrade (data transmission via GSM network), a configurable data transfer was implemented.