Product Innovation

Mixed reality – enhancing efficiency with HoloLens

A digital twin prototype highlighted wide-ranging potential efficiency improvements for industrial and mechanical engineering applications.

Customer benefits

  • Individual, low-cost induction into the digital twin era
  • Efficient repairs, training and remote support via Microsoft HoloLens applications
  • Extension of existing business model to include value-added digital customer services



Until we met Zühlke, we hadn’t realised the potential that mixed reality offers. Entering the digital era of holographic solutions opens up new opportunities for our business.

– Frank Marschatz, Director of Service Excellence at Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich goes digital

The forklift and pallet truck manufacturer deploys its own service technicians globally. They have to deal with a broad range of maintenance tasks, and growing product variety presents a real challenge. Jungheinrich wanted to use digital services to improve efficiency by further optimising its repair processes. But what was the best application for the job and how could they develop an initial prototype quickly and cheaply?

Order picker blazes trail

Using an agile development process, Zühlke and Jungheinrich developed a prototype use case. The use case involved supporting a junior technician in repairing an order picker by guiding him step-by-step through the entire process.

The solution: instructing the technician via Microsoft HoloLens

Over a period of just weeks, Zühlke developed a HoloLens application which is able to project holograms of the picker being repaired. Assistance is provided in parallel using voice commands. This individual induction into the digital twins era brought home to Jungheinrich the extensive potential efficiency savings and inspired further ideas, ranging from optimising their customer services to 3D product presentations.

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Photo: Mr Gerald Brose

Gerald Brose

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