Swissport operation more efficient thanks to real-time information

10,000 flights distributed over 280 stations in 48 countries: Swissport's daily handling volume is gigantic. The number of systems and the diversity of its data, too. With Zühlke's support, Swissport succeeded in introducing a centralized flight information system as a portal solution in a minimum of time. The software aggregates the data in real-time and makes it available to the globally distributed users.

Rapid growth demanded consolidation

Swissport was growing rapidly in the global market - processes and systems needed to be consolidated. The company decided to introduce a portal solution to manage all the data on one central platform - internal work processes became more efficient and ground handling services were optimized. Swissport handles an average of 10,000 flights per day.



The goal was to make all the relevant data (e.g. check-in-time, information on de-icing, boarding or cleaning etc.) available company-wide on the new flight information system (FIS). The FIS was also to serve as a basis for drafting agreements with customers - including airlines or freight companies - and for reviewing performance (Service Level Agreement).


Customer Statement

Despite the tight schedule, Zühlke developed a portal solution that exceeded our expectations

– Adrian Elkuch, Head of Global Ops Performance, Swissport

FIS created transparency

Swissport is the world's largest ground handler more than 280 stations in 48 countries providing services for 700 clients from the aviation industry. With a workforce of over 60,000 employees, the company supplies services to 229 million passengers and handles 4.1 million tons of cargo per year. In the recent past, Swissport acquired up to five companies each year - the number of data systems grew in line with these acquisitions.

There was no centralized information system to collect, validate, globalize, interpret, or visualize data. The quality of the data varied significantly in the existing decentralized systems; a consistent representation at a country level was not possible. In addition, the system lacked the transparency required to optimize work processes and draw up contracts.

Step by step to success

Thanks to Zühlke's support, Swissport was able to put a centralized flight information system as a portal solution into operation within three months. A solution that exceeded expectations. FIS aggregates the data from different stations for different users. The dashboard is clearly structured, easy to use, and displays the relevant information at a glance in real-time.

Tedious data-gathering was now a thing of the past. The acceptance among users was accordingly high, also among employees at the company headquarters. The data was now available to them at any time with a click of the mouse.

There are no standard programs for such requirements - Zühlke developed an individual solution based on a limitlessly extendable "portal framework". Using a step-by-step approach, the important functions were delivered in a minimum of time. Swissport and Zühlke cooperated very closely in the project. The supplied functions were discussed and the next steps defined. Zühlke's employees were integrated into the team, they asked the right questions and contributed valuable input outside the project, such as the introduction of a master data management system.

Swissport's benefits

  • Transparency in business operations: Thanks to the merging of the data and the uniform representation on a portal solution, business operations can be controlled in real-time. Swissport can act quickly in case of delays. Client consultations on service level agreements can be brokered with well-prepared and precise in-house data.
  • Flexibility enables harmonization: Swissport can now access data quickly and simply. Information is harmonized as desired across the entire company (airports, countries, worldwide, etc.). As a result, there are fewer error sources, and costs are reduced.
  • Extendibility (investment protection): The FIS solution is based on an extendable portal framework. Swissport benefits from already implemented functions when adding new applications. The result: higher implementation speed, optimized costs, and reduced complexity.
  • Speed (Time2Market): The new portal was operational at Swissport after only three months. Zühlke and Swissport were in close contact throughout the entire development phase, which enabled the ambitious schedule to be met.
  • Passionate team players: The Zühlke team quickly acquired the necessary domain knowledge and understood the business relevance of the project. Thanks to Zühlke's experience in other industries, Swissport profited from valuable cross-industry innovations.
  • Higher customer loyalty and improved service: Swissport can actively approach customers and retrieve information on their performance in real-time. Swissport is the first company in the industry to provide their customers with data. In addition, quick and simple data connectivity for new customers makes for high-quality service.
  • "Thanks to the portal solution, Swissport can access information from 48 countries with a single click."

    Markus Reding, Director Solution Center, Zühlke

  • "With FIS, we identify quality problems early and can react accordingly."

    Matthias Hüttner, Vice President Global Operations, Swissport

  • "The extendable portal framework enables flexible implementation of new requirements."

    Michael Schnyder, Expert Software Engineer, Collaboration & Portals, Zühlke