Battery charging made easy

Finally a reality: One charging device for different battery types! Zühlke developed an intelligent battery charger that detects the type of battery in a medical device and charges it accordingly.

Customer benefits

  • Professional battery charge device for different battery systems.
  • One stop shopping: Electronics, algorithms, galvanic and housing.
  • UL certification for the device with limited additional effort.


A manufacturer of light sources powered by rechargeable batteries identified its customer’s need for a single device capable of charging different battery types. The older models of the light sources are equipped with NiCd and NiMH systems and are still widely used. In the latest models of the same device lithium based battery technology is used. The task was to develop an intelligent charger that “sees” which battery type is inserted and charges it accordingly. Zühlke developed the complete device following the medical technology guidelines.

Project approach

In the first step of the development process Zühlke defines reliable algorithms that enable the built-in electronics to effectively determine the charge level and type of battery inserted. Following the above routine the inserted battery is charged with the suitable quick charge procedure. To ensure a maximum reliability the algorithms are also used at regular intervals during the charging process. Zühlke evaluates suitable contact materials, thermal conductivity characteristics, electrical safety and fire safety. Apart from the smart electronics Zühlke engineers also design the housing and develop a lighting concept during charging. The universal charging device is now globally approved for medical use. Zühlke’s documentation was sufficient to obtain the UL certification with only limited additional effort.

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