Data Analytics

Systematic data analysis offers new insights

Train tachograph data delivers valuable insights. Zühlke is helping HaslerRail implement a software solution for automatic data analysis and userfriendly presentation.

Customer Benefits

  • Implementation of all business-related functionalities in accordance with the defined targets.
  • Rapid integration of Zühlke.
  • Know-how transfer due to mixed team.
  • Further development of application by HaslerRail.


HaslerRail develops and manufactures train tachographs. The data recorded can be used to reconstruct events. Because analysis is time consuming, it is often only performed in the event of an accident. This data contains much additional information, however, and can be used to determine factors such as energy consumption and maintenance work requirements and to identify areas for optimisation. The immense volume of data (big data), the heterogeneous operating environment and implementation of the core module for detecting data patterns presented HaslerRail with a major challenge. The company commissioned Zühlke to design a solution and assist with implementation.


Zühlke defined a suitable architecture for the company’s requirements – particularly in terms of data volumes (big data) – capable of running on a range of different IT platforms. The team used agile methods to develop the core modules, adding functionality in an iterative process. A usability engineer helped ensure that the graphical user interface was designed to be customer-friendly. The application was implemented rapidly by a mixed team made up of both Zühlke and HaslerRail staff. Working closely together, the project team designed and implemented a solution, developing new expertise on an ongoing basis.