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G+D Currency Technology: Transferring a product idea to a new sector

The banknote serialisation specialist wanted to conquer the pharmaceutical sector. Using an agile approach, Zuhlke rapidly delivered a software solution which offers the same protection to medicines.

Client benefits

  • Successful entry into a new, regulated market segment – with a narrow window of opportunity.
  • Time to market was less than a year.
  • Sector to sector transfer of expertise.
  • Support was provided from the idea through to customer rollout.

In view of the narrow window of opportunity, we considered time to market to be critical. With their outstanding cross-sector expertise, Zuhlke provided us with crucial support in rapidly adapting our product for the pharmaceutical industry.

– Oliver Pannke, Head of Business Line Software & Eco-System G+D Currency Technology


Counterfeit medicines are harmful to the economy and health Globally, around 10% of medicines are counterfeit. Legislators have introduced new labelling legislation aimed at making medicines traceable and harder to counterfeit by 2019. In response, the banknote serialisation specialist hit upon the clever idea of applying its existing expertise to the pharmaceutical sector.


Zuhlke developed suitable track & trace software

Time was pressing. Any company that could deliver a future-proof system for the pharmaceutical sector now would have a clear head start over the competition. To utilise the narrow window of opportunity, Zuhlke and G+D Currency Technology put together an interdisciplinary team which, working under strong time pressure, used an agile development process to adapt an existing software solution for use in the pharmaceutical sector. 

SeriTrack Pharma makes medicines much harder to counterfeit

The SeriTrack Pharma system generates an individual ID based on the product code, serial number, batch number and expiry date. This information is applied to the packaging during manufacture as a QR code and synchronized with national verification systems. From the initial idea to the first installation at a pharmaceutical manufacturer took less than 12 months.

Photo: Mr Jens von der Brelie

Jens von der Brelie

Director Solution Center