Business Excellence

Service- continuity during system integration

Zühlke ensures the smooth operation of support, especially for business-critical processes. This leaves Digitec free to focus on their new strategic project.

Customer Benefits

  • Guaranteed operation of business-critical processes.
  • Expertise available short term.
  • Freeing up of internal resources.


Digitec Galaxus AG uses complex software to support business-critical processes. Maintaining service quality for their customers requires a high system availability. To handle a shift in resources on account of a strategic initiative, Digitec Galaxus AG sought the help of an effective external team of experts to guarantee flawless business processes. The key factors of success were: rapid familiarization, service continuity, and short resolution times, also outside normal working hours.


Zühlke’s experts were already familiar with the software technology and the usual procedures and tools in the application support, so they focused on the relevant business processes at Digitec Galaxus AG during the initial training. Several specialists formed a core team and got acquainted with the work. The team coordinated availability during standby times and regularly exchanged their experience and knowledge. As a result, know-how was built up systematically and shared in a documented knowledge base. The deadlines for on-call times were fixed in a service level agreement with the customer. The service quality was examined at regular meetings, and corrective measures were discussed and introduced.