Internet of Things

Process innovation with IoT reduces costs

Zühlke developed an innovative concept for DHL to fundamentally restructure the restocking of vending machines, and minimize logistics costs through the use of IoT.

Customer Benefits

  • Sound basis for an informed investment decision.
  • Substantial enhancement of efficiency.
  • Better insight into customer behavior.
  • Targeted adjustment of product range.


DHL fills and services vending machines for a client throughout Switzerland. The processes involved were already proven, lean and straightforward. But to remain competitive, processes and structures shall be redesigned and costs reduced with the help of IoT technology. The company management demands a sound concept as a basis for their investment decision. This includes an innovative process that would enable cost reductions, proof of technical feasibility, a plausible business case with a clarification of the cost and benefit drivers, and a convincing roadmap for the implementation.


With the new target process, the machines were to order replacement goods autonomously. This enabled filling and maintenance to be carried out on a needs basis, and the routes to be optimized correspondingly. The employees in the day-to-day business were to be briefed via handhelds, updated by a central platform.

Photo: Mr Thorsten Knauf

Thorsten Knauf

Director Business Development
Transport & Mobility