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Product Innovation

Brainlab: Roadmap to mobile and cloud-based medical technology

Brainlab’s product portfolio is heavily enmeshed in the company’s existing IT ecosystem. The company wanted to integrate parallel mobile and cloud solutions. Zühlke provided support in analysing the problem and produced an architecture roadmap.

Customer benefits

  • Brainlab was provided with a decisionmaking matrix for the technical implementation of client applications.
  • The stakeholder surveys helped define objectives for the next version and prepared the way for future development.
  • The roadmap provided the client with proposals relating to tools, libraries and potential cost savings from using cloud hosting.


Brainlab develops, produces and sells computercontrolled medical devices for precise, minimallyinvasive procedures. Its main products include applications for planning surgical and radiosurgical interventions and software solutions for imageguided operating systems. The latter provide precise real-time positional information for surgical navigation and radiosurgical treatments. The integrated technology used in the component systems permits better, more efficient treatments. Brainlab wants to ensure that its product portfolio remained at the cutting edge by integrating mobile solutions into the existing IT ecosystem. The company elects to develop an integrated, platform-independent software architecture for a forthcoming planning application.

Project Approach

A review of the existing architecture and an existing HTML5-based prototype is carried out using the Zühlke Architecture Assessment Framework. Separate surveys of stakeholders on the technical and business sides facilitate the definition of shared goals and thus help to establish a ground plan for the new architecture. Zühlke’s experts help to set up and recommend mobile client technologies, such as native clients, HTML5 and approaches to cross-platform issues.


The result was a matrix comparing different technologies. Brainlab was provided with analysis containing objective recommendations for further developing its architecture, a concrete roadmap and proposals for optimising cloud hosting costs.

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