B. Braun: New software improves pump

An infusion pump was to be furnished with new functionality for blood glucose control in intensive care patients. Zühlke provided the manufacturer with assistance to the software architecture and the realisation of the innovative treatment.

Customer benefits

  • Less complex system that is easier to evolve and maintain.
  • Training on the job in object oriented programming and the use of patterns.
  • Expedited official approval of the   system. 


B. Braun is a leading supplier of infusion pumps for in-patient use  in hospitals. Using its Space infusion pump system, the company has developed an innovative treatment for intensive care patients involving blood glucose control. The concept uses an integrated system of multiple infusion pumps, a control algorithm and an operating console to permit the treatment to be carried out with initial fault-tolerance, Zühlke assisted the B. Braun development team with the architecture and realisation of the associated software. This included the graphical user interface, the treatment control system and safety-critical areas.


Zühlke experts, with extensive experience in control systems,  built on the existing state of development of the system in order  to realise the required functionality, together with the client’s team. The implementation involved developing a viable software architecture, refactoring existing elements and realising the safety-critical architecture. 


Project approach

The team used the tool Rhapsody in C for the work and applied design patterns to reduce the complexity of the software and thereby improve the ease of maintenance. Zühlke also provided the client’s team with an introduction to object-oriented programming  in Rhapsody in C and the use of patterns, so that they could work together on the project. This knowledge will also help to improve the quality of the software developed in future projects.

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