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Product development in medical technology

Multidisciplinary from one provider:
from mechanics to apps

More varieties. Growing software shares. Shorter product life cycles: The development of modern medical products poses considerable challenges even to experienced providers. Thee factors decide which companies remain competitive: Usability, rapid engineering and minimisation of development risks.

Accelerating product development

The increase in software-controlled functions makes development within medical technology increasingly complex. Companies which wish to develop innovative medical products quickly and affordably must master this complexity.

Four conditions are central to this:

  • Interdisciplinary teams: Engineering experts from the fields of electronics, mechanics, optics, software and usability must learn to work leanly in mixed teams. We have decades of experience in this.
  • Focus on significant functions: The right functions and ease of use are decisive when it comes to market success. We help companies to develop the courage for simplicity and patience in product development.
  • User-centred design: When we develop a product, we focus on the user. Our entire development process - from user experience engineering to mechanics, to electronics and software - is aimed at achieving the simplest and safest possible operation of a product.
  • Minimising time-to-market: Increasing competition due to new, aggressive market participants requires increasingly short innovation and product cycles. First movers enjoy the benefits of better market pricing and stronger brand perception. Shorter development times help to maximise the value of a product. Our active development processes set your development on the fast track.

Realise the right idea with systems engineering

We realise development projects within narrow time frames. Thanks to its many years of experience, Zühlke has optimised the process for product development. We work in phases and this allows us to reduce your project risks. This creates a secure foundation for your investment in subsequent phases. Our unique combination of engineering skills allows us to work systematically and holistically.

  • Zühlke will guide you through the whole development process
    We’re committed to guiding you through the medical products development process: from brainstorming to series production to market success.
  • Interdisciplinary development from one provider:
    Our interdisciplinary nature is one of our core skills. We are a team of experts from the fields of electronics, mechanics, sensor technology, actuator technology, optics, embedded software, through to apps and server backends.
  • Cross-industry approach:
    With our engineering expertise, gained from 40 years in different industries, we ensure that your ideas become successful products. We successfully transfer ideas from other industries into medical technology and this allows us to make “value engineering” and “design to cost” a reality. Your manufacturing costs will remain predictable.
  • Rapid prototyping and time-to-market:
    We carry out early tests with users and, in doing so, accelerate the development process. This guarantees you a shorter time-to-market. In our modern technology laboratory, we create and optimise functional development patterns quickly.
  • Regulated development and compliance:
    You benefit from our sound knowledge of standards and legal specifications in medical technology.

With our support, your ideas are transformed into market-ready medical products. We work quickly, reliably and with a sense of responsibility for project success. Benefit from our many years of industry-based knowledge, our profound understanding of methods and our interdisciplinary technological skills.

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