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Human-machine interfaces

Shorter time to market
and a better user experience

Advanced human-machine interfaces are rapidly making keys, knobs and switches a thing of the past. It’s a trend that started in the consumer goods sector, but is now making itself felt in industrial environments. Interactive technologies such as 3D touch, augmented reality and gesture recognition increase productivity and enhance the user experience. Using new functionality becomes an intuitive process. The challenge for developers is to strike the right balance between short product lifecycles, high user expectations and adding real value.

Advanced HMIs help cement the lead in technology

Users expect plant and equipment to feature modern human-machine interfaces. They are used to using the latest user interfaces from smartphones and tablets. In the workplace they expect the same ease of use, with multi-touch GUIs, etc.

The result is pressure to innovate – and major opportunities. An advanced HMI helps the product and brand get established or maintain its position in the premium segment. Intuitive operating concepts also help increase product efficiency and productivity, to the benefit of customers.

To exploit these opportunities, businesses need to implement faster development processes which put the focus on the user.

It’s the user who decides whether a product is a success

In the HMI field, the benchmark is the user. To be successful, a newly developed HMI needs to feature the right choice of electronics and embedded software architecture and the interaction design process needs to have focused on the user experience. All products developed by Zühlke have the following in common:

  • A user-focused operating concept: During the usability engineering process, we focus on the key functions from the user point of view. Our maxim is ‘Have the patience to arrive at simplicity’. Too many functions detract from the user experience, lead to operator errors and extend the learning curve.
  • Goal-oriented development: To us, safety and respecting financial constraints are complementary development objectives right across the HMI development process, from requirements engineering through to interface design.
  • Individual, flexible solutions: Not every technological innovation is worth having. As a manufacturer-independent developer, we always assess new technologies from the perspective of the customer, product and user. The result is that we fit the technology to the user, not vice versa
Zühlke accompanies you right through the development process

We guide you through the development process – from idea generation to mass production to a successful product – with commitment and dedication. Zühlke employs experts in areas as diverse as electronics, mechanics, sensors, actuators, optics, embedded software, usability and software. Our services include:

  • Architecture consultancy: We take a holistic approach to requirements. The result is bespoke software and hardware development blueprints which give you flexibility going forward.
  • Usability engineering: To us, putting the focus on the user means early testing of user acceptance of operating and interaction concepts. It is not uncommon for user capabilities to be significantly overestimated.
  • Implementation from A to Z: We support you all the way to a successful product. We are meticulous in our approach and use prototypes and automated testing to ensure development and manufacturing costs remain within acceptable limits

Zühlke ensures that your products make life easier for users. We have many years of practical experience of interdisciplinary product development.

With Zühlke at your side, you have an independent partner who takes responsibility and offers genuine interdisciplinary technology expertise.

Photo: Mr Dr. Moritz Gomm

Dr. Moritz Gomm

Lead Business Innovator

Photo: Mr Michael Doelle

Michael Doelle

Director Solution Center
Industrial & Consumer Products