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Internet of Things

Digital products in the healthcare market -
Therapy opportunities and system security

Connected products are arriving in medical technology, with buzzwords like Industry 4.0 or Laboratory 4.0. The basis for this is increased connectivity of medical products, laboratories and administration for therapy and patient management. The aim is to improve the success rate of therapies, while simultaneously reducing costs.

Implementing the vision

Internet connectivity of medical products offers new opportunities. Application data, processed and sensibly interpreted, can help you to optimise the performance of medical products. In combination with data from other systems, you can provide medical specialists with suggestions for diagnoses and therapies, as well as information about potentially critical situations. This allows you to actively help to reduce your customers' costs.
These new application options are bound to technological and formal frameworks, which you must consider during development and distribution on the market, because personal, medical data in data networks are vulnerable to attacks. New rules serve to minimise risks. You can develop the best technical solution together with our experts. We recognise these risks and address them.

You should recognise these four trends and include them in your business strategy:
  • Decision support systems: Steps towards closed loop systems. For example: combining continuous blood sugar monitoring with suggestions for insulin delivery; or combining additional data for prognosis of complications in intensive care patients.
  • Laboratory 4.0: Internet connectivity allows for information to be collected by devices, samples, disposables or process progress and then be processed. Integration into laboratory information management systems (LIMS) allows for monitoring and control of all systems.
  • Integration OP: Individual devices are connected and data integrated in the operation theatre. A uniform user interface makes it possible to interact with devices, data is presented in consolidated form and automatically documented.
  • Telemedicine: Connectivity allows for compliance monitoring of patients outside of clinics or the involvement of specialists by means of data transfer.

For decades, we have been supporting medical and life science companies in developing products and software solutions. In these projects, we have assumed overall responsibility for developments in the fields of software, electronics and mechanics until series production had been achieved.

Our experts provide support on issues such as business strategy, usability engineering, data analytics or regulatory compliance. We master the technologies, dealings with regulatory requirements and operation of solutions. Our QM system for development is ISO13485 certified.

As an experienced solution partner, Zühlke ensures that regulatory requirements are efficiently satisfied.

We support you in integrating and connecting your device. We also help with developing new, innovative business models.

We provide support, particularly in these three areas:

  • Connecting your medical product, e.g. with HL7, DICOM, wireless via Bluetooth or via proprietary protocols
  • Integration of devices at the point-of-care, in surgery or laboratory
  • Consultation on questions surrounding security (cyber security, HIPAA)

With Zühlke as your partner for innovation, you will accelerate the development of marketable solutions. Thanks to our long-standing expertise, we are proficient in all areas of development. We create real added value for you and your customers where the physical and the digital world intersect.

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