Digital Transformation

Shaping the digital transformation

In order to remain competitive, companies need to take on an active role in the digital transformation and review their business models, since it is this transformation process that will generate the business opportunities of the digital world.

Turn technologies into business

The changes in the digital economy are radical. Customers look up information at any time of day, make their purchases using the channel of their choice, and expect customized services.

This means that companies have to develop new production, distribution, communication and service approaches. Holistic experience is therefore required – in all business and IT matters.

Digital transformation on all levels

Social media, mobile devices, data analytics and cloud computing are the driving forces of the digital transformation.

Zühlke supports companies in proactively applying these technologies.

We assist our customers in innovating their business model for the digital world, enhancing customer experience on all channels and digital touch points, lowering operational costs, and implementing flexible IT solutions by using an agile approach.

Zühlke shoulders responsibility for projects’ success

With Zühlke as a partner, companies will be able to cope with the digital transformation: From innovation and strategy, via planning and implementation to operating a tailored solution. Our services include:

  • Business model innovation: Innovate and launch new, digital business models
  • Business transformation: Analyze the existing business model, develop digital strategies and promote change
  • Portals: Boost customer retention and efficiency with added-value and self-care services
  • Multi-channel solutions: Improve customer experience with a consistent strategy across all channels
  • Collaboration: Introduce more efficient work processes and a sustainable transfer of know-how
  • Data analytics: Achieve competitive advantages by making decisions based on facts

Zühlke generates added value from digital technology for you – instead of simply adding digital technologies. With us, you can lay the strategic, operative and technological foundation to being successful in the digital economy.

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