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Blockchain projects need partners!

New momentum, business models and markets combined with greater fairness, transparency and efficiency – blockchain technology promises many things. But the crucial question is how do you actually get a blockchain project up and running in practice? Our answer? Decentralisation is essential, and you need the right ecosystem from the right partners.

Our approach

For blockchain projects, having reliable partners who have experience with disruptive technologies and with developing innovative business models is essential. That means partners who bring to the table interdisciplinary expertise in a wide range of different fields. Partners who think agile and have a clear focus on commercial success. As an innovation service provider with more than 50 years experience, Zühlke meets all these requirements. And we also know how to connect you with other businesses to drive your blockchain projects forwards.

What we offer for start-ups

As your partner for business innovation, we help make your blockchain idea a success. Zühlke is the right partner to help start-ups bring their ideas successfully to market – with passion and above all with copious expertise and realism. Following a successful token launch, we offer start-ups comprehensive support on every aspect of blockchain technology.

Zühlke Blockchain für Start ups

Zühlke’s collaboration with Unibright is an excellent example of how Zühlke can help a blockchain start-up minimise time to market. First contact between Unibright and Zühlke occurred in late 2017, a few months before the planned token sale. This meant there was time to work out the details of their potential collaboration at an early phase. In April 2018, Unibright raised more than ten million euros in just 10 days.

Unibright’s vision is to rethink software-based business integration by using smart contracts, but without requiring customers to become blockchain experts. Instead, using ready-made templates, the Unibright framework ensures that development of integration processes remains the domain of process experts, whilst enabling integration of smart contracts into those processes where it makes sense to do so from a process perspective.



In Zühlke we have found the ideal partner to implement our BlockchainTechnology on a broad scale. Not only are we looking forward to mutual growth but also to a positive exchange and continuous development of our Blockchainbased solution. An actual win-win situation!

– Marten Jung, CEO unibright

What we offer for established businesses

We’re also the right partner for established businesses who want to develop blockchain-based solutions and become leaders in this fast-growing field. Working with you and other partners from our network, we implement your blockchain idea and set up a simulated start-up. We call this service Rent a Start-up. We stick to a clearly defined time frame and a defined budget. By working together closely in an interdisciplinary team, which includes other carefully selected partners from our extensive network of business contacts, success is ensured. For our start-up spirit, Zühlke has been honoured with the Top Innovator award.
ImmoCrowd: blockchain-based property investment trading

Zühlke developed a blockchain-based trading platform for a Swiss insurance company.


Zühlke Blockchain für Start ups


Weitere Anwendungsfälle für die Blockchain


An interesting, practical example of blockchain use is on-the-fly billing for truck platooning. Platooning involves convoys of trucks driving close together to take advantage of each other’s wind-shadow and reduce fuel consumption. Each convoy is known as a platoon. The lead truck in the platoon provides the wind shadow, and is paid for doing so by the other members of the platoon. The remaining trucks couple up to the platooning system in follow mode. Thanks to automated distance and braking control systems, the trucks can drive very close together, allowing them to make use of the wind shadow of the truck in front and reduce fuel consumption.

On the commercial side, the system uses blockchain-based smart contracts. This ensures that trucks from different hauliers can form up into a platoon on the fly (trustless trust). The smart contract transparently and traceably records the truck’s position in the platoon and at what time and where the truck joins and leaves the platoon. When a truck leaves the platoon, the platoon leader receives payment instantly and automatically via a cryptocurrency. The process is fully automated with no paperwork and no time delay. A video from provider PlatoonConnect can be found here.



Source: YouTube

Photo: Mr Stefan Grasmann

Stefan Grasmann

Managing Director Competence Center, Partner

Photo: Mr Philipp Harrschar

Philipp Harrschar

Director Business Development