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Scaled Agile® for Systems

Maximizing customer value

Complex projects come with a huge risk: Often enough, deadlines are not met as planned and budgets are strained. If the targets that have been set cannot be fulfilled, or only with a massive delay, customer value and competitiveness are called into question. Agile methods provide tried-and-tested tools to wrap up projects on time and within budget.

Success factor speed

Global competition has massively accelerated the pace of innovation in recent years:

  • The advantage of a certain innovation now depends on its time to market.
  • By shortening software and product development cycles, companies can react more quickly to new market needs.
  • In order to react to market shifts, the business model has to be adapted in an agile way.

As a rule: The better a company succeeds in integrating existing systems and processes, the more measurable customer benefit it will create, and the more sustainable its market success will be.

Becoming more agile with Zühlke

Zühlke has been developing using iterative and agile methods since the mid-1980s. We are committed to supporting companies with all our knowledge on their path to becoming an agile organization:

  • Assessments: We point out the companies’ potential for agile methods and lean innovation approaches, assess their project organization and their requirement engineering, or jointly work on an analysis of their platform and modularity potential.
  • Consulting and coaching: We help companies to implement lean and agile structures in software and product development, and to realize initiatives to reduce complexity. We support them in introducing SCRUM frameworks or in turning projects around with the help of agile methods.

Zühlke has an exceptional track record in dealing with demanding software and product development projects in various sectors. Thanks to our long-standing practice of agile methodology, we always find the perfect mix of iterative and classical, phase-oriented process models for every individual case. You profit from a pragmatic and distinctively faster project implementation.

Photo: Mr Jörg Sitte

Jörg Sitte

Director Business Development

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Michael Doelle

Director Solution Center
Industrial & Consumer Products