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Product development

New skills for better, faster product development

Greater product variability, the growing importance of product software and shorter product life cycles make developing complex devices and products challenging even in established industries such as the medical technology, plant and equipment manufacturing and automotive sectors. Three factors determine which businesses are able to stay competitive – usability, rapid engineering and minimising development risks.
Accelerating product development

The rise of software-controlled functions means that technical product and appliance development is becoming ever more complex. To develop innovative products rapidly and cheaply, businesses need to master this complexity. Four areas which of key importance:

  • Interdisciplinary teams: To avoid redundancy during development work, electronic, mechanical, optical, software and usability engineering experts need to learn to work together in agile teams.

  • Fokus auf die wesentlichen Funktionen: Fehlende Funktionen oder überfrachtete Bedienoberflächen gefährden den Markterfolg. Unternehmen müssen Mut zur Einfachheit und Geduld bei der Produktentwicklung aufbringen.

  • Focus on key functions: Missing functionality and overloaded user interfaces are a major impediment to product success. Companies need to have the courage to keep it simple and remember that patience at the product development stage pays off in the long term.

  • Minimising time to market: Increasing competition from aggressive new competitors is resulting in ever shorter innovation and product cycles. Short development times maximise product value and are a key factor for product success. First movers enjoy the advantage of having more scope on pricing and strong brand recognition.

Getting the right idea on the road – systematically

Development projects are subject to tight time constraints. Years of experience have enabled Zühlke to optimise the product development process. We work in phases to reduce your project risk and create a secure basis for investment in subsequent phases. Our unique combination of engineering expertise enables us to take a systematic approach across multiple disciplines.

Zühlke accompanies you right through the development process

We guide you through the development process – from idea generation to mass production to a successful product – with commitment and dedication.

  • Interdisciplinary development from a single service provider:The ability to knit together expertise across several disciplines is one of Zühlke’s core competences. Zühlke employs experts in areas as diverse as electronics, mechanics, sensors, actuators, optics, embedded software, apps and server backends.

  • A cross-industry approach: We use the engineering expertise acquired over 40 years of developing solutions across a wide range of sectors to ensure your ideas make the transition to successful products. To deliver value engineering and design-to-cost and ensure your manufacturing costs remain within set limits, we frequently find novel uses for developments imported from other sectors.

  • Rapid prototyping and time-to-market: Early tests with users accelerate the development process and guarantee short times-to-market. Our highly advanced technology lab means we can produce and optimise functional prototypes fast.

  • Regulated development and compliance:You benefit from our detailed knowledge of standards and legal regulations in heavily regulated markets (e.g. consumer goods, cars and medical devices).

Zühlke ensures that your ideas make the transition to market-ready products. We work rapidly and reliably and take responsibility for successful project outcomes. Reap the benefits of our years of industry experience, our in-depth methodological knowhow and our interdisciplinary technology expertise.

Photo: Mr Michael  Doelle

Michael Doelle

Director Solution Center
Industrial & Consumer Products

Photo: Mr Jörg Sitte

Jörg Sitte

Director Business Development
Mechanical Engineering