Product development for the medical technology sector

Keeping ahead of the curve in a dynamic market

We are currently in a period of rapid expansion of medical device portfolios. There is high demand in particular for two new types of device. Highly developed markets demand connected products which link to IT systems and mobile devices. Fast-growing emerging markets require robust products which are as simply as possible to operate. Staking out their space in these new markets is a key task for vendors over the next few years.
Develop and update new products faster

Today, product development is being driven by growth opportunities in developing countries and demand for connected devices in areas such as health monitoring. New opportunities also mean more development and product update projects.

  • Product development for growth markets: Developing countries have different needs to established markets. For these customers, companies can’t simply copy existing products. They need to be simpler to operate, more robust and more reliable. But developing simpler products is rarely less demanding.

  • Shorter product life cycles: Users expect medical devices to feature standard consumer connectivity options, such as Bluetooth and WiFi, and to use modern touch technologies. For medical device manufacturers, the shorter product life cycles for consumer technologies means more product update projects. In future therefore, device interface technologies and connectivity options will need to be updated every few years.

Achieve more whilst tying up fewer resources

To successfully complete a larger number of development and product update projects, medical device manufacturers need an experienced partner who genuinely lightens their workload. A partner with expertise in the latest technologies, who is able to combine these technologies across disciplines and take responsibility for complete development projects. Zühlke offers medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical businesses precisely that. We simplify your partner management.

  • All disciplines from a single service provider: Our experts cover all relevant development disciplines. We also maintain a large network of external partners for more specialised topics and habitually work with our clients’ partners in areas such as industrial design.
  • Interdisciplinary development: Our systems engineering experts are highly proficient at bringing things together across multiple disciplines. You benefit from our broad cross-sector experience and our proven product innovation and manufacturing cost reduction techniques.
  • Series production: For the series production phase, we work together with domestic and international client manufacturing partners, which are affiliated with or external to the client. If required, we can recommend appropriate suppliers from within our network or help you track down the right partner for your needs.
Zühlke accompanies you right through the development process

Working with Zühlke means working with a service partner who genuinely reduces your workload. We provide dedicated support from feasibility studies through to series production. Our portfolio of services for medical device manufacturers includes:

  • Interdisciplinary development at all project phases: Our electronics, mechanics, embedded software, usability, application software and system engineering expertise ensures we have a complete overview at all stages of a project.
  • App development for medical devices: Mobile apps, internal product software and integration with IT systems have gone from nice-to-have to must-have. Our experts are constantly updating their skills to ensure you benefit from the latest technologies.
  • Development of connectivity interfaces: There are two aspects to connectivity – the data that needs to be transferred and the technological solution to this data transfer problem. Zühlke supports you in both these areas.
  • Regulatory requirements: Zühlke is ISO 13485 certified. We guide you simply and safely along the regulatory pathway.
  • Design-to-cost development: Through our work on consumer goods projects we have developed a tried and tested methodology for reducing manufacturing costs.

To our customers, we are a trusted, proficient medical device, medical app, in vitro diagnostics and laboratory automation development partner, from innovation consultancy through to product launch.

Photo: Mr Thorsten Knauf

Thorsten Knauf

Director Business Development
Insurance & Banking

Photo: Mr Jens von der Brelie

Jens von der Brelie

Director Solution Center
Industrial & Consumer Solutions