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Internet of Things (IoT) solutions offer competitive advantages in B2B or B2C markets. Industrial companies, e.g., use predictive maintenance for improved support services. In the B2C segment, pharmaceutical companies, amongst others, are implementing innovations in the area of health monitoring to advance patient care. The time is ripe for the Internet of Things.

Realizing a vision

Every physical object can become a part of the digital world – thanks to low-cost technology and a huge advancement in mobile and cloud technologies. In order to create profitable IoT business models, two findings will be relevant for success in many sectors:

  • Cooperation: Companies have to open up their IoT solutions for other companies. Isolated applications with proprietary components will be replaced by standardized, interoperable platforms.
  • Big data: Sensors will generate even more data in the future. Companies that use this data to generate value-added services and incorporate these into new business models will enjoy sustainable success.

When sensors create value

The value chain of an IoT solution consists of five elements: a physical product, sensors, connectivity technology, a cloud backend system for data analytics and a digital service. The customer’s added value is produced through the intelligent aggregation of data. A light bulb may, for example, act as an alarm system if the lighting data is analyzed through an application.

All levels have to be taken into account in order to develop an IoT solution. This is exactly what Zühlke offers you: integrated IoT solutions with added value from a single source.

IoT is our DNA

We cover all IoT-relevant consulting and engineering disciplines: from mechanics or electronics development, via cloud backend systems, all the way to mobile applications. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Consulting and development of business models based on business model patterns
  • Methodical innovation with the help of “Stars 2 Road”
  • Product and software development for device connectivity, cloud technology, data analytics, portals and apps
  • Operation and maintenance of IoT solutions

With Zühlke as your partner for innovation, you will accelerate the development of marketable IoT solutions. Thanks to our long-standing expertise, we are proficient in all areas of development. We create real added value for you and your customers where the physical and the digital world intersect.

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