Value Engineering

Cost down - quality up

Globalization is not just about opportunities. Though the size of the pie is ever increasing, more and more competitors are emerging to take a share. What does this mean for you? The pressure to reduce cost is increasing even as demands for higher quality and improved function are growing louder. Our answer to these challenges: Value Engineering. The first step in Value Engineering is system design: when devices, machines or associated disposables are designed cost-effectively from the ground up, production cost can often be reduced by up to 50% without compromising product quality.

Value Engineering helps achieve cost efficiencies while improving quality

Our Value Engineering is implemented in two phases.

  1. During the first phase, we will identify the specific costs attributable to each function and every feature. Once you know these, you can engage in discussing target cost issues across departmental boundaries, bringing marketing, product development, purchasing and production into the fold. Product marketing has the biggest impact on cost.
  2. During the second phase, we will develop innovative ideas based on Zühlke specialists' many years of experience with projects in a broad range of industries. As a development partner, we are also available to assist you with implementation.

Our expertise and our experience in Value Engineering

Zühlke supports manufacturers of household appliances, industrial goods and medicinal products throughout their entire product development process - from optimizing individual components to developing complex devices and associated disposables from scratch.

Our know-how and our experience

With our specialized process for reducing the cost of manufacturing equipment, machines and disposables and with our decades of practical experience, we will achieve maximum cost savings for you. You will benefit from the skills of more than 100 experts from all engineering fields with tried and tested innovative ideas leveraged from other industries and disciplines.

As a basis for deciding on a cost optimization process or a new development, we can benchmark the products of your competitors by examining the manufacturing cost structure of existing products on the market using our special methodology. You will be pleasantly surprised! 

From original concept to cost-optimized product
Value Engineering is achieved by a clear focus on core tasks and through close cooperation between the marketing, development, production and purchasing departments.

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Photo: Mr Jens von der Brelie

Jens von der Brelie

Director Solution Center
Value Engineering

Photo: Mr Philipp Harrschar

Philipp Harrschar

Partner and Director Business Development
Digital Transformation