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Value Engineering in MedTech

Lower manufacturing costs -
Better value for users

Cost pressure is ever-present. The biggest lever for savings is in system design. If devices, machines or related disposables are developed in a cost-optimised way from the very beginning, product costs can often be reduced by up to 50% without affecting product quality.

Global competition is increasingly demanding

Globalisation doesn't merely bring opportunities, such as larger export markets or faster information transfers. More and more competitors want a piece of the pie. This has consequences:

  • The market demands a reduction in product costs by 20 per cent and more.
  • Customer demands for quality and functionality continue to increase, unabated.
  • New innovations have to be integrated seamlessly.

The solution:

  • Together with an experienced engineering partner, it's possible to realise cost reduction potential much more easily and to noticeably accelerate development.
  • The comprehensive knowledge of Zühlke's engineers also increases the innovative capability of your company.
From idea to cost-optimised product

Value engineering arises from focussing on core tasks and through close cooperation between marketing, development production and purchasing.
We support manufacturers of medical technology, laboratory devices and consumer goods through the entire product development process - from target optimisation of individual components to radical redevelopment of complex devices and accompanying disposables.

Our knowledge and our experience
The four pillars of our value engineering philosophy:

  • Design to cost: When it comes to product development, the most cost-effective solution must be kept in view throughout the entire development period. In particular, we take subsequent costs into account in our consideration.
  • Design for manufacturing: Our product designers are trained to produce the component design as simply and affordably as possible.
  • Design for assembly: Following the same logic, we also optimise the finalisation of the end product which is only infrequently comprised of a single component. We conceptualise the individual parts so that they can be put together as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Lean production: Our experts for product organisation carry out a complete analysis: from economical and time-efficient use of production means to operating materials, staff and planning, to organisation.

With our specialised process for reducing the manufacturing costs of devices, machines and disposables, and over 15 years of practical experience, we can achieve maximum cost savings for you. You benefit from over 100 experts from all disciplines of engineering and from field-tested innovation ideas from other industries and specialist fields.

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