Rent a Startup

The agile speedboat
for new business models

Startups are turning business models for established companies upside down at an ever increasing pace. Businesses need to constantly address their customers' current requirements so they don't miss the boat to the future. On top of this, the organizational structures in established companies aren't geared for radical new ideas. Startup DNA is required.

Courage to innovate

In order to survive in the market, constant innovation is essential for established businesses. While innovation with respect to existing products and services is perfectly natural for most companies, they are often challenged when it involves new technologies and business models.

Over the long term, however, success comes only to those who radically break new ground in the areas of technology and business models in addition to continually innovating their existing business. Courageous companies are rewarded with a clear competitive advantage.



Act like a startup

New technologies and business models can be difficult to reconcile with an organization that needs to focus on bringing its existing offering as efficiently and reliably as possible to market. Startups exploit this situation to their advantage. They are in a position to focus exclusively on developing new business models without having to consider existing processes, structures or investments.

A cooperation with Zühlke enables you to implement your ideas just like a startup, detached from day-to-day operations and outside of your organization. With the help of our staff, our infrastructure and our expertise in prototyping, your ideas come to life.


Quick to market thanks to "Rent a Startup"

With "Rent a Startup", we provide a complete team that operates for a few months as a lean startup in partnership with your domain experts.

  • Methodical idea-finding process: The team mix prevents "organizational myopia", and working outside of the organization on Zühlke's premises gives your ideas the necessary space and freedom to flourish. With our proven "Stars to Road" toolkit of methods, we help your idea reach market readiness.
  • From the vision through to implementation: Innovation is part of Zühlke's DNA. We are used to achieving the desired result in highly interdisciplinary teams beginning with an innovative idea, developing prototypes, and concluding successfully with added value for the end customer. In the process, we are able to draw on an extremely wide range of skills.



  • One source for everything: The combination of business consulting, technology expertise, user experience design and startup financing makes us unique in the market.

The "Rent a Startup" combination of focused work outside the daily routine, a clearly defined time frame, and close cooperation within the team, speeds up the process of bringing ideas to market. A cooperation with Zühlke helps you to significantly reduce your financial and implementation risk.


Photo: Mr Jens Ilg

Jens Ilg

Business Development Manager
Business Innovation