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Business Transformation

Develop new areas of growth

Every product and every service has a limited lifetime. If you want to be successful in the long run, you have to continually review and adapt your business model, launch new, innovative products and tap into new markets.

Change is the only constant

In a dynamic environment, successful business areas deteriorate again and again:

  • Marketing channels dry up. Previous products and services become displaced by new technologies.
  • Cost structures change because of the arrival of new, highly industrialized market actors or because of exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Procurement markets disappear because of rising prices and changes in quality.
  • New regulations or subventions fundamentally change the rules of the game.

By cooperating with an external, professional partner, you receive valuable impulses for the exploitation of new business opportunities. Zühlke specialists analyze the situation neutrally and guide you efficiently and pragmatically through the change process.

Breaking new ground with Zühlke

We at Zühlke understand the business dynamics of various markets as well as the potential of modern technologies.

We would help the board of directors and the executive management to break new ground.

This multi-stage, holistic process ensures that the business transformation succeeds while companies face the demands of day-to-day business:

  • Analysis: Change management is based on the neutral evaluation of the existing business model, the available skills, technologies, structures and processes, as well as on the review of the courses for action and development trends.
  • Concept: Zühlke accompanies you in the conceptualization of future business models, in preparing product and competence portfolios and business cases, as well as in the assessment of feasibility and risks.
  • Joint implementation: We support you in developing sustainable business models. By preparing detailed concepts as well as business scenarios, by aligning the processes to the new business and by preparing a master plan as the basis for implementation controlling.

Zühlke is a highly competent and reliable partner for executive management, thanks to our long-standing experience in line management and consulting in strongly regulated, global sectors and markets. Our pragmatic and systematic approach ensures a maximum acceptance in change management.

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