Discover the potential of augmented/virtual reality

It’s not just in the consumer goods sector that AR/VR/MR is making waves. Mediated reality looks set to revolutionise retail, manufacturing, transport and education too. Applications range from product development to staff training and e-commerce. Microsoft HoloLens even allows you to use gesture and voice control to interact with its holograms. By mixing reality with digital simulations, it offers almost limitless possibilities – from cost reductions resulting from efficiency improvements for a huge variety of work processes, to creating completely new business models.

HoloLens-based mixed reality promises to be transformative for the manufacturing and service sectors

The potential offered by Microsoft's HoloLens is colossal. For businesses, the major use cases for augmented and mixed reality are:

1. As a product: Integrate AR/VR into your product world. Holographic mixed reality-based digital twins enable products to be experienced directly without wasting money on expensive, time-consuming real-world prototypes.

2. Workflow optimisation: Guided solutions help optimise your employees’ workflows. Voice and gesture control leave both hands free, further maximising workflow efficiency.

3. Training: Mixed reality or VR solutions are a great way of teaching users how to use your products or familiarising staff with new work processes.

4. Remote support and collaboration: Use AR or MR solutions to support field engineers, using remote support to give maintenance and repair instructions. Virtually network different sites, enabling staff from around the world to work together seamlessly in a simulated virtual setting. 

5. Sensor/data visualisation: Create a virtual display offering direct virtual access to equipment data.

6. Emotional sales process: Mixed reality allows customers to directly experience products as if they were already built. From whole buildings to exploring different options for major equipment purchases, a HoloLens turns every presentation into an unforgettable experience, making a lasting impression on the customer.


HoloLinc – digital sales process accelerates delivery and proves a big hit with customers

thyssenkrupp devised a digitalised sales process designed to improve efficiency and deliver a revolutionary customer experience. As a trusted advisor, Zühlke implemented the project in record time. (To success story)


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Photo: Mr Fredrik Gundelsweiler

Fredrik Gundelsweiler

Principal Consultant
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality