Increasing diversity of mediated reality technologies creates new opportunities for your business

Virtual reality applications isolate users from reality entirely and launch them into a self-contained, entirely artificial world. Games companies were quick to pick up on the fascination offered by journeying to a completely new realm and have taken full advantage. But virtual reality is just one side of the coin. The advent of increasingly powerful augmented and mixed reality technologies like Microsoft HoloLens creates entirely new ways of producing custom industrial applications. The user is able to view situation-dependent 2D or 3D information, whilst keeping both hands free and interacting with the technology via gesture and voice control. This represents a completely new, highly effective way of supporting your staff and customers in their work.

Application-specific mediated reality solutions - overview of devices and technologies

Where exactly the boundary between the different technologies lies can be hard to identify. This is not helped by the fact that these terms are not always used consistently even by specialists. To help you get to grips with the terminology, here's a compact overview, with definitions and example devices and applications.

Find out now what can already be done with mediated reality applications and the opportunities it creates for your business.

"Whether your adoption of holographic solutions will be successful depends on having the right use cases and appropriate technology. We can help you develop your use cases and make the right decisions."

Dennis Ahrens, Business Solution Manager, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

The right path depends on where you want to end up

Which mediated reality technology is best suited to your business always depends on the use case. So ask yourself: what is your core challenge? Do you want to create something that doesn't yet exist at all, to take the user on a journey into another world? Then you need to look at virtual reality. But if you want to project something onto the real world, you need an augmented or mixed reality solution.

Which device is appropriate for your needs is a complicated question, since each case needs to be considered on its merits and every solution has its own strengths and weaknesses. A close examination of the system environment is also indispensable. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate medium and support you with implementation.

Talk to us today. We can show you what can already be achieved with mediated reality technologies and what applications you need to steer your business successfully into the digital future.

Our workshops to help you achieve lift off in the world of holographic solutions

One-day innovation workshop

In this workshop, we showcase the opportunities offered by different augmented, mixed and virtual reality solutions. You'll also have the opportunity to try out Microsoft HoloLens first hand, and get a first impression and some initial experience. Our experts and Microsoft HoloLens will be at your exclusive disposal for one day on site at your premises.

Design thinking workshop with prototypes

Do you know the difference between augmented and mixed reality? Do you want to experience the opportunities these technologies offer and their potential for your business? In this workshop, we take a business problem defined by you and guide you through the process of building an individual prototype.

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Photo: Mr Fredrik Gundelsweiler

Fredrik Gundelsweiler

Principal Consultant
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality