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Are you fit for the marketplaces of tomorrow?

Ecosystems - are you fit for the marketplaces of tomorrow?

Whether at a car dealership, shopping online, or at a ticket machine - in the future, customers will purchase their insurance from multiple different sources. Therefore, only those insurance companies who are part of the right ecosystem and able to offer the corresponding products will be successful. The problem is that many, insurers and their systems are not yet ready for this new world.

Digital transformation is breaking down industry boundaries, and so demands a radical rethink in how insurance companies reach their customers which is leading to the evolution of new ecosytems of products and services to solve customer problems. Insurance companies must play their part in building these new ecosystems or they will lose access to their customers. To do so, they not only need new products butalso they have to align their processes and IT infrastructure in ways that works across corporate boundaries. At the same time, insurers must continue to cultivate their core competencies of compliance, governance, and security.

Zühlke is the perfect partner for insurance companies that want to position themselves for the future. Zuhlke not only have the business know-how to support you in developing an ecosystem strategy but we also have experience in the technical implementation - with expertise in microservices, cloud technology, security, strategic API development, and much more.

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