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Rapid time to market despite outdated core systems – is that possible?

Insurance companies need new products and services to meet their customers' needs but outdated legacy systems are slowing down or even obstructing innovation. The operation of legacy systems is moreover complex and expensive. The consequence: Investments in product and service development for the future lack funding.

To survive over the long term, insurers need a flexible, extendable and reliable system landscape. This facilitates and accelerates the development and introduction of new products and services. What's more, investing in modern core systems can lead to significant savings. 

Zühlke as a strong partner for insurance companies

Zühlke is the perfect partner for insurance companies seeking to link their core systems with modern, flexible software solutions. We provide you with valuable technical expertise as well as extensive experience in application modernization. Zühlke ensures that your company is in a position to launch innovative products and services on the market.

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