Smart Building

Intelligent building connectivity

Buildings have always served three primary functions: providing security and comfort and enhancing productivity. By linking sensors, actuators and control systems, the smart building promises to perform these functions more effectively and efficiently. This will involve networking internal building systems and connecting to various external systems. For product and component manufacturers and system suppliers, this creates a wealth of business opportunities
Realising the vision of a smart building

A smart building is a building in which building systems have been networked intelligently. Making intelligent use of relevant information can significantly reduce building running costs – by, for example, getting heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to adapt to changing occupancy levels and weather conditions, using predictive maintenance algorithms to avoid costly downtimes or using smart metering to optimise energy consumption. To be successful in the smart building market, businesses need to overcome four challenges:

  • Connectivity: Businesses need to network their products. Standalone solutions using proprietary components are being ousted in favour of interoperability.
  • Data security: The greater the number of sensors used, the greater the volume of sensitive data produced. Data security is indispensible if a business is to gain the trust of customers.
  • Usability: Connecting devices increases complexity. To ensure user acceptance, new devices and functions need to be built to be totally user friendly.

  • Big data: To produce genuinely customer-centred solutions, you need to analyse large volumes of data. Collecting, storing and analysing large data volumes requires an intelligent system architecture.

A firm grip on all aspects of development

The spectrum of smart home and smart building products is broad. Development processes in both fields are highly complex. Zühlke boasts expertise in all pertinent engineering disciplines and knows how to get different systems working in harmony in both domestic and non-domestic settings.

Zühlke accompanies you right through the development process

To develop smart building components, products and solutions, you need to have a firm grip on all aspects of development. We possess just this overarching product and system development expertise. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Innovation: Working with you, Zühlke identifies market needs, generates innovative ideas, evaluates use cases and calculates the business case.

  • Product connectivity: Thanks to our many years of experience in the sector, we efficiently implement connectivity requirements and produce intelligent data aggregation models.

  • Product development: We possess wide-ranging electronics, mechanics, sensor, optical and software development expertise, with a strong focus on the overall usability of a solution.

As our list of satisfied customers demonstrates, our expertise in the smart building sector and proven methodology enable us to master any level of complexity.

With Zühlke on board, your ideas are quickly transformed into market-ready products. Because we actively pass on our expertise, you enhance your capacity to undertake future development.

Photo: Ms Gabriele Baierlein

Gabriele Baierlein

Director Business Development
Automotive Industry