Plant and equipment manufacturing

Enhancing plant and equipment with added services

From Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and fleet monitoring to preventive maintenance, services are set to be the USP of tomorrow. Core product-related services are what will determine whether Germany’s plant and equipment manufacturing sector maintains its position as global market leader. The road to new services runs via rapid, effective software development.

Making the leap to Industry 4.0

Plant and equipment manufacturing is undergoing a profound transformation. The traditional disciplines of mechanics, construction and electronics increasingly have a new bedfellow in the shape of software-based services. To get up and running in the services business, companies require new approaches and expertise:

  • Smart remote services necessitate embedded software, enterprise software and app development expertise.
  • Flexible platform strategies ensure that an increase in product variability does not lead to an explosion in service resources.
  • Both customers and employees expect modern human-machine interfaces which are intuitive to operate.
  • Agile methodologies help departments across the company get to grips with shorter innovation cycles and a stronger focus on users.

Using data to enhance value added

The centrepiece of intelligent products and smart remote services is the ‘digital product memory’ – an ongoing record of all relevant information about a product from manufacture through to use. Zühlke's services are aimed at leveraging the potential offered by data in digital product memories at every point along the value chain.

Your innovation partner

Actively pursuing innovation means securing your business’ future. Our extensive long-term experience in the sector makes Zühlke the innovation partner of choice for plant and equipment manufacturers. We take full responsibility and develop complete bespoke solutions on your behalf. Our core areas of expertise include:

Software engineering

  • Enterprise software for service and sales portals and apps
  • Embedded software for controlling plant and equipment
  • Human-machine interfaces to optimise operating efficiency

Systems engineering

  • Device and equipment development including electronics, sensors, embedded software, mechanics and construction
  • Value engineering to reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality
  • Lean prototyping using laboratory, functional and physical prototypes

Business consultancy

  • Innovation management to generate and analyse new ideas
  • Business model innovation to ensure you’re thinking about tomorrow’s business today
  • Strategic consultancy for transformative agility and realignment projects

With Zühlke as a partner, you have access to the business and plant and equipment manufacturing expertise and experience of more than 650 experts from across the engineering spectrum.

Our unique combination of years of experience in the sector, a proven innovation methodology and interdisciplinary technology expertise make us your perfect partner.

Taking an initial idea through to mass production – there’s nothing we love better!

Photo: Mr Gerald Brose

Gerald Brose

Director Business Development
Automotive Industry and Consumer Products

Photo: Mr Jens von der Brelie

Jens von der Brelie

Director Solution Center
Automotive Industry and Consumer Solutions