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Connected medical products as an opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry

How can you improve the interaction between patients, clinicians and pharmacists through mobile and connected medical devices? What can new business models and products look like in this context? And how can you streamline your development and regulatory processes?

  • By developing connected medical devices and medical apps that provide information on patient medication adherence and the course of therapy, optimizing not only patient consultations and treatment procedures but also the training of medical professionals

  • By providing IoT solutions that facilitate the optimization of medical products and make their development faster and more efficient

  • By employing technologies such as Augmented Reality that improve the handling and ergonomics of medical devices during the test phase while also optimizing the entire development process through virtual prototyping

For the pharma industry, we are an enabler for digital transformation providing technological and engineering excellence. We focus on pharma IoT applications and can be a comprehensive innovation and development partner for regulated medical devices.

We are ISO 13485 certified and Preferred Partner of Microsoft for Pharma IoT and Mixed Reality. We handle development at all levels from embedded software and medical apps to fully integrated systems complete with backends up to and including IEC 62304 class C. We also develop turnkey medical devices up to class 3 for application fields such as acute care, ophthalmology and diabetes management. 

Make sure you take advantage of our project experience in the following fields:
We work for almost all research-based pharmaceutical companies based in Central Europe. Here is a selection of pharmaceutical and life science companies that we have permission to name:

Innovation needs your courage - and Zühlke

Do you have the courage to innovate? Do you want to benefit from the digital transformation to drive changes in products and processes? In short, do you wish to actively shape your future? We accelerate the transformation of your ideas to market entry by providing inspiration and assistance in their realization.

We offer a comprehensive service package from initial idea to successful market introduction in the regulated healthcare sector. This includes consultations on digital business innovations, ranging from complete product development (pursuant to ISO 13485) all the way up to product launch. We can take responsibility for the entire product lifecycle, especially for lifecycle engineering of the entire medical system, including maintenance and service for all software components in the clinical environment. To this end, we bundle our technological, regulatory and medical expertise to aid you in the implementation of future-oriented concepts. You will be able to harness the power of novel user interactions in order to enhance proximity to patients, physicians and pharmacists.

Medical Apps

Patient treatment can be greatly improved through better overall support, both by providing more transparent information and by giving them more control over their medical devices - and, hence, their quality of life.

This can be achieved with medical apps with regulatory approval as medical devices. Smartphones and tablets are already widespread today. However, the regulated development and deployment of medical apps as medical devices is subject to a host of very specific requirements. Zühlke, with decades of experience in the field, will be your partner in developing medical devices. The apps that we have developed - as standalone medical devices or for other industries - have shown us the immense importance of a user-centric approach for market success. This is why our user experience concept far surpasses the conventional field of "usability". We also have extensive experience with cross-platform solutions.

Talk to us about the potential and applications of medical apps!

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Pharma IoT

You want to offer patient-centred solutions to support physicians in the treatment of their patients - with the right information and the right medication at the right time. The networking of medical devices and mobile apps strengthens patient loyalty and maximizes treatment success.

Pharma IoT solutions will let you achieve all this. The new technology has long been ready for use in connected medical devices - for patients, for pharmacists, for treatment providers. For example in the form of intelligent tablet packaging complete with a dedicated mobile app. Zühlke has had many years of experience in a regulated environment, so we understand what should be in focus when developing medical devices. Not to mention our expertise gained from countless IoT projects and our assorted proven approaches to data protection, data privacy and data security. 

Talk to us about the profitable use of Pharma IoT!

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Augmented and Mixed Reality

You want to provide patients and healthcare professionals with optimal visual support to maximize treatment success. Virtual prototypes are designed to help you make your development and manufacturing processes more efficient - for example in ergonomic testing. You want to restore direct contact to the participant which everything revolves around in the pharmaceutical industry - the patient.

All this you can achieve with our Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. What used to be a vision of the future is now ready for deployment - whether close to the patient in the home-care sector or in pharmacies, doctor's offices or hospitals. With Zühlke, you benefit from many years of experience in medical technology and our ability to develop regulated products. We understand the importance of the user experience to the success of a product - and draw on valuable know-how and experience gained from numerous implemented applications in the industry.

Talk to us about the profitable use of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality!

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Jan Horvat

Business Development Manager

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