Enabling the digital transformation of the Pharmaceutical Industry with individual IoT solutions

Zühlke is your comprehensive partner for digital business innovationIoT applications and regulated medical device development. We ensure your success by our technological and engineering excellence.

We realize your digital health vision - from the first idea to the final solution and support

Business Innovation Consulting  

We speak your language and support your digital health projects - from ideation workshops to business decision support 

Identifying unique and viable solutions for your digital health projects - this is the mission of our business consulting team of pharmaceutical and IT experts. Together with you, we reduce the economical and technical uncertainties of your innovative visions and existing projects by challenging business scenarios, evaluating technologies and providing decision support for your future success.   

Zühlke's Business Innovation Consulting includes:  

  • Ideation and Prioritization by applying Design Thinking, NABC and other innovative approaches 
  • Technical evaluation (e.g. for data security, regulations and scalability) 
  • Business scenario development and analysis 
  • Decision support (e.g. risk mitigation,  execution support and strategic guidance) 

Regulated System Development 

We develop your medical device solutions -  from medical sensors and software to the final solution 

We realize your medical device concepts by our cross-functional development experts in an agile development process. Your product management can use the resulting prototypes to test new features early and constantly with key customers to create user-centric and commercially successful solutions. The safety of your patients and security of their data has highest priority for us. Hence, we develop compliant to international regulatory standards and implement state-of-the art data security solutions.  

Zühlke's Regulated System Development includes: 

  • Agile development of software and hardware solutions 
  • Cross-functional teams including experts in user experience and engineering  
  • Integration of latest data security solutions 
  • ISO 13485 compliant medical device development up to Class III   

Medical Internet of Things  

We bring you closer to your patient - with connected medical IoT solutions  

Our IT and business experts advise you and realize your medical IoT projects, including Apps for adherence monitoring, companion diagnostics or drug delivery systems.  To guarantee highest flexibility and safety standards for your medical-grade data, we partner with all major cloud suppliers including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google GCP.  We ensure that your new solutions are optimally implemented in your exisiting IT infrastructure by customized IoT architectures. We enable you to gain meaningful insights from your data by our data analysts who apply state-of-the-art technologies including machine learning methods.  

Zühlke's Medical IoT solutions include: 

  • Medical app development
  • Medical IoT architectures
  • Strong partnerships with the leading cloud providers Microsoft, Amazon and Google
  • Generation of meaningful insights by data analytics 

Advanced Managed Services (AMS)

We take care of your digital solutions beyond market entrance - with our individualized customer support  
Our partnership will not end with the release of our developed products. We take care of your third level customer support for medical apps, cloud and hardware solutions by our dedicated service centers in Belgrade and Sofia. With our holistic support concept, we ensure a smooth operation, maintenance and development throughout the entire product lifecycle. This gives you the opportunity, to focus on the success of your core business.  


Zühlke's Advanced Managed Services include: 

  • Third level support for in-house developed medical apps, cloud and hardware solutions 
  • A worry-free support concept for the entire product lifecycle  
  • Specialized service centers in Belgrad and Sofia

Photo: Mr Jan Horvat

Jan Horvat

Business Development Manager

Photo: Mr Thomas Rahn

Thomas Rahn

Director Solution Manager

Photo: Mr Stefan Weiss

Stefan Weiss

Business Innovation Consultant