Take the lead - with connected medical technology

How can you develop smart medical devices that will thrill your customers while complying with ballooning regulatory requirements - faster and within budget?

  • By focusing on the needs of users throughout the development process
  • By developing connected medical devices that deliver clinical data which form the foundation of new business processes as well as to help optimize existing devices, accessories  and consumables
  • By harnessing the power of business innovation as a complement to product innovation and  implementing new business models based on current technological trends
  • By emphasizing the role of excellence within an agile approach to system development
  • By adapting success stories from other industries


For medical technology manufacturers, we are the innovation and development partners for connected medical systems. We are the only provider with proven experience in the development of compliant medical devices and future-oriented Medical IoT, Medical Apps, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality applications.

We are ISO 13485 (and ISO 9001) certified and Preferred Partner of Microsoft for Medical IoT and Mixed Reality. We handle development at all levels from embedded software and medical apps to fully integrated systems complete with backends up to and including IEC 62304 class C. We also develop turnkey medical devices up to class 3 for applications in acute care (including infusion pumps), ophthalmology (including eye lasers) and diabetes management (such as in-vivo sensors).

Innovation needs your courage - and Zühlke

Do you have the courage to innovate? Do you want to benefit from the digital transformation to drive changes in products and processes? In short, do you wish to actively shape your future? We accelerate the transformation of your ideas to market entry by providing inspiration and assistance in their realization. We provide product development services and innovation consultation.

Medical Apps

You have a variety of medical devices in your portfolio, and now you want to support patients, doctors and caregivers by making their lives easier with mobile applications.
Medical apps are the right way to achieve this. Smartphones and tablets are already widespread today; however, the development of medical apps for medical devices in clinical use is subject to a host of very specific - including legal - requirements. Zühlke, with decades of experience in the field, will be your partner in developing medical equipment within a regulated environment. The apps we developed - as standalone medical devices or for other industries - have shown us the immense importance of a user-centric approach for market success. This is why our user experience concept far surpasses the conventional field of "usability". We also have extensive experience with cross-platform solutions.  

Talk to us about the potential and applications of medical apps!


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Medical IoT

You want to use real-world data to efficiently develop medical devices, accessories and consumables that offer maximum support to your users in their everyday work. Data from medical applications help you to continuously improve your products.

Medical IoT solutions will let you achieve all this. Many connected medical devices are already technologically prepared for this purpose. However, given the sensitivity of the collected data, there are concerns about how data are - or should be - used. But there is a simple solution: acquiring data in a way that is dissociated from the individual patient. Zühlke, with decades of experience in the field, will be your partner in developing medical devices within a regulated environment. This is further augmented by our tried-and-tested expertise gained from IoT projects in various industries, and a broad variety of valid approaches to data protection, data privacy and data security. 

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Augmented and Mixed Reality

You want to save time and money on the maintenance and repair of your medical devices by leveraging visual knowledge and feedback for your service technicians. Using 3D visualization, you want to take your product and service training to the next level. Additionally you want to generate virtual prototypes to enhance the efficiency of your development and manufacturing processes- for example during ergonomic testing.

You can achieve all this with Augmented Reality solutions for medical technology. What used to be a vision of the future is now ready for use in your development or production process or directly integrated into the device you are developing for your customer. With Zühlke, you benefit from many years of experience in medical technology and our ability to develop regulated products. We understand the importance of user experience to the success of a product - and draw on valuable know-how and experience gained from numerous implemented applications in the industry. 

Talk to us about the profitable use of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality!

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Photo: Mr Markus Jungmann

Markus Jungmann

Senior Business Development Manager

Photo: Mr Thomas Rahn

Thomas Rahn

Director Solution Manager