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HoloLinc®: faster delivery and a great customer experience

thyssenkrupp devised a digitalised sales process to improve efficiency and the customer experience. Zühlke implemented the project in record time. HMI 2017 saw Microsoft and thyssenkrupp Elevator unveil a proof of concept for a HoloLens-based sales process. Zühlke’s task was to implement the solution in a joint team with the client across multiple locations. By using agile methodologies the team achieved a spectacularly rapid time to market.

Attention to prototyping-platform

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions wished to produce a mobile app to stimulate interest in its XDK prototyping platform. The mobile app needed a visual representation of XDK sensor technology. A mobile app was to generate interest in the XDK platform. A key requirement was for a visual representation of sensor data. To reach as many potential users as possible, the app needed to work on both Apple and Android devices and at a range of different screen resolutions. Zühlke was responsible for implementing

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Photo: Mr Gerald Brose

Gerald Brose

Director Business Development
Machinery and Plants

Photo: Mr Rolf Höpli

Rolf Höpli

Director Business Development
Industrial Sector

"Digitalisation opens up new opportunities: product manufacturers become comprehensive service providers and bind their customers more closely to themselves with inspiring experiences. Benefit from our experience in Swiss industry."