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Pharmaceutical industry

Adding value by connecting medical devices

Conncected medical devices improve patient compliance and treatment success - especially if the data generated are analyzed properly. Harness the power of the data generated by drug delivery devices and in-vivo sensors as well as personal and environmental data and information provided by devices such as fitness trackers to optimise treatment efficacy. Higher efficiency is essential for regulatory approval and for inclusion in single-payer reimbursement catalogues.

The digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry is gaining momentum.

Patient compliance as a major factor
Pharmaceutical manufacturers are getting ever better in helping patients take their medicines in a timely manner and at the correct dosage. The resulting compliance enhances the success of the treatment - an essential benefit in the performance-based reimbursement models of the future.

Companion diagnostics - for safe and effective treatment
Companion diagnostics - monitoring the effect of drugs in order to reduce the risk associated with therapies and increase their efficacy - are yet another building block for treatment success. In-vitro diagnostics are constantly being improved and supported by with new in-vivo methods for continuous monitoring.

Drug delivery systems increase patient safety and reduce costs
Innovative drug delivery systems are on the rise because they render the administration of medicinal products safer and easier. This also reduces the cost of treatment because devices such as pens or inhalers can be used independently by the patients themselves.

Zühlke - from original concept to successful product

Our experts are masters of modern technology and can help you meet regulatory requirements, not least by offering operational support. We will be happy to present you with references examples of where and how we facilitated highly successful global business models.

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Zühlke supports medical and life science companies in the development of products and software solutions - from original concept to successful market launch. Within a given project, we take on overall development responsibility in all areas - software, electronics, mechanical engineering - all the way to the production stage.

Proprietary solutions as a competitive advantage
Make your products stand out in the market through proprietary solutions. With Zühlke you have an experienced partner you can bank on. We understand your business and provide effective relief of day-to-day pressures. Using an interdisciplinary approach and providing cutting-edge expertise, we develop individual medical devices that give your company a competitive advantage.

  1. New technologies are rendering in-vivo sensors and drug delivery systems technically feasible and affordable.
  2. State-of-the-art cloud solutions help you gather complex data safely and reliably.
  3. Data analytics provides an efficient tool to improve the evaluation of data and to continuously optimise treatments.

We develop and implement new business models for you through by developing and integrating drug delivery systems and in-vivo sensors. Talk to us!
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