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Medical Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology is revolutionising entire verticals more than ever. The “digital transformation” plays an important role in medical technology and pharmaceutical industry. However, this poses important challenges: Strict regulatory requirements and strong demands on privacy and security in regards to patient data are key to developing successful and convincing products. It is therefore essential to rely on an experienced partner such as Zühlke Engineering when embarking on medical cloud projects.

Zühlke — connecting products worldwide since 2008

At a time when only few called it the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), Zühlke Engineering was already at the forefront of
technological developments. As one of the first providers to deliver complete end-to-end IoT solutions to industry,
we have learned to master the challenges of real-world IoT applications across a wide range of verticals, ranging
from industry users to consumer products:

  • Low-energy embedded electronics and software
  • Connectivity from near field communicaton (NFC) to Bluetooth and long-range radio
  • Cloud architectures for different use cases, from telemetry to end-user app
  • Mobile phone and web application development for intuitive and secure data access
  • Data analytics to leverage the vast amounts of IoT data

An important component of our IoT offerings since 2014 is a cloud backend that can be easily adjusted to benefit
our customers’ needs.

Data privacy and IT-security

Zühlke has a proven track record in securing software for finance, insurance and telecommunications. Managing consumer data has been a primary challenge in these industries for decades. Furthermore, over the past years, we have gained significant experience with issues of privacy and security around Internet-connected (“IoT”) consumer products.

Zühlke can leverage this experience in medical engineering and medical technology for both aspects. First, for data privacy, where the protection of patient data and the separation of device data from other medically relevant information is of utmost importance. Second, for IT-security, where new attack vectors open up and new threats for patient safety arise. A key factor for handling these is the integrated analysis and management of both safety (risk management) and security.

Cloud Solutions for the medical and the pharmaceutical industries

In 2016 we recognised the pharmaceutical and medical industry’s need to consider digital strategies for a wide
range of applications. These are:

  • Data gathering for patient stratification
  • Delivering personal medication plans

We have therefore developed solutions that match the strict requirements for patient safety, privacy and overall data security. Therefore, we have partnered with Microsoft, who help with dedicated staff and resources to deliver these solutions on their Azure cloud platform. This assures compliance readiness with medical regulations in all relevant markets and allows scalable solutions in growing markets.

Secure your intellectual property – of today AND tomorrow!

Systems Engineering for Medical Products

With a longstanding history in product engineering, particularly in mechanical drug delivery, Zühlke Engineering is an ideal partner for innovative medical products. With engineers and specialists accustomed to the strict requirements for medical certification, we can reliably deliver solutions that are distinguishing in the market.

We have experience combining connected drug delivery and medical sensor products with mobile applications in approved, safe and secure solutions. This comprises particular knowledge around energy efficient hardware and embedded software tailored towards long battery lifetime, encrypted communication with Bluetooth Low Energy, the utilisation of mobile phones as safe IoT gateways and, most importantly, the usability of both hardware and software for the patient. Automated tests complete our rigid approach to system development.

We understand the importance of intellectual property and unique selling points to pharmaceutical companies. All usage rights to hardware and software, including any data generated as part of a Zühlke Engineering solution belong entirely to our customers. Hardware and software solutions, and any patents connected to your proposition are important assets for today. The data generated as part of a connected solution generate insight that are an
important source of innovations for tomorrow. Zühlke Engineering is your partner.

Hence, by working with Zühlke Engineering and obtaining complete rights to your entire solution, you are legally in a prime position to defend your market position against any competitors.

In every project, you profit from our valuable experience in the sector and our experts’ proven track record. Contact us if you want to know more about Medical Cloud Solutions!

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