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Manufacturers of medical devices
and diagnostics

Your customers' needs are becoming ever more specific. Many of them need to save on payroll costs. They are discussing new reimbursement models or wish to differentiate themselves by offering new services. They want new products to appear in ever shorter cycles and see networked devices as a chance to market differentiation.


Serving customers’ individual needs

For continued success, you will need to deliver new products to the market in shorter cycles. Only if you manage to do that will you enjoy the benefits that digitisation offers. You are therefore looking at two focus areas:

One: You must master the technologies that allow your products to be integrated in networks and expanded to include mobile applications. Here you are faced with the current challenges dominating the industry: The networking interfaces and mobile applications are characterized by the fast development cycles of consumer goods. Suppliers have to succumb to ever shorter times to market.

Two: You must manage an ever expanding product portfolio - you need that for a differentiated customer approach. The core questions are: Should your products for demanding clients use the latest technology? Should additional product lines with simplified operating philosophies help to open up new markets? These aspects mean that you need more development and product maintenance projects than previously. Are you ready for this? Do you have partners who effectively take a load off your organisation and who master new technologies?


Focus area No. 1: "We make your equipment fit for networking"

Hospitals, laboratories and medical clinics work with a variety of devices and IT systems from different manufacturers. Networking these devices often results in stand-alone solutions. No unitary structure has been achieved, and equipment and procedures have not been fully integrated. For you as a manufacturer of medical devices and diagnostics, this implies an immense development effort if you want to accommodate the many different communication standards and to achieve connectivity with a large number of information systems.

We can help you improve and update your hardware and software and to integrate them into the health care systems of the future. Make sure you take advantage of our project experience in the following fields:

  • Electronics and software development
  • Networking devices upward (to the cloud) and downward (to individual points of use)
  • Mobile apps as a value-added equipment feature
  • Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance
Focus area No. 2: Achieving more with fewer resources

You need to complete a growing number of product development and maintenance projects successfully? Zühlke is your experienced partner who can provide effective relief and support - a partner that has mastered the latest technologies and integrates them on a higher, interdisciplinary level. Zühlke can also take over specific development projects for you completely.

  • All disciplines under one roof: Our experts cover all relevant development disciplines. We also maintain a large network of external partners for specific tasks and topics and are accustomed to working closely and successfully with our clients' service providers, for example in the field of industrial design.
  • Cross-industry experience: For us, systems engineering means bringing together all disciplines. You will benefit from our cross-industry experience and our proven methods for product innovation and for bringing down production costs.
  • Serial production: In the field of serial production, we work with our clients' internal or external manufacturing partners, both nationally and internationally. We can provide tested and reliable suppliers from our original design manufacturer (ODM) network or help you identify other suitable partners.
  • Development of complex systems: Our proprietary Medical Device Development Process (MDDP) allows us to take responsibility for developing complete systems for you.
  • Interdisciplinary development in all project phases: Thanks to our expertise in electronics, mechanics, embedded software, usability, application software, and system engineering, we can take a holistic, comprehensive view in all project phases.
  • Business innovation: We help you develop, evaluate and implement ideas for new value-added services.
  • Development of apps for medical devices: Mobile apps, in-product software and IT system integration may once have been the icing on the cake, but today they are simply expected. Our experts constantly update their skills so you can benefit from the latest technologies.
  • Development of networking interfaces: Connectivity covers two different but related aspects: What kind of data is to be transmitted, and what is the most suitable technology to do this? We support you on both counts.
  • Regulatory framework: We are ISO 13485 certified. We will guide you swiftly and safely along the regulatory pathway.
  • Design-to-cost developments: Based on our many successfully completed projects in the consumer-goods industry, we have developed a tried and tested methodology for reducing production costs.

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