Consumer Products

Consumer products get to know the user

Electrical goods such as washing machines, TVs and coffee machines have a power cable or batteries and perform pre-programmed tasks. But in recent years, these everyday products have started to become internet-enabled. They send data to customer services, download updates and offer users individual functions and services. The internet of things is slowly becoming part of everyday life.
Developing products for consumers

Passive consumers are a thing of the past. Nowadays, consumers can tell you what they want and their wishes are falling on ever more sympathetic ears in the sales and marketing and product development departments. In a digital world, consumers want products which fit in with their newly acquired way of doing things – products with rapid innovation cycles and intuitive operating interfaces or which can be operated remotely via a smartphone. In the consumer goods sector, therefore, three factors determine competitiveness:

  • Innovation: Better products are often produced by importing ideas and concepts from other sectors. Cross-industry innovation and co-creation with consumers are key innovation strategies.
  • Data analytics: Consumer-oriented businesses listen to their customers. Successful companies are those which able to collect the right data and use it to plot the right course of action.
  • Added-value services:Customer loyalty starts with additional services which are relevant to customers. The challenge for producers of consumer goods is to use product connectivity to create added value for customers.

Turning technological trends into market-ready innovation

Faced with globalisation, strong cost pressures and powerful rivals, if you want to survive in the highly competitive consumer goods market, you need to be fast, innovative and efficient. Zühlke helps consumer goods businesses minimise technology and financial risk so they can seize the opportunities presented by new technologies.

Developing consumer products with Zühlke

At Zühlke, interdisciplinary innovation and device development are in our DNA. We develop mechanical, electronic, sensor and backend system solutions for the consumer goods sector. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Device design and development: We support you all the way from idea generation to pilot production runs to a successful product. To ensure customer acceptance, we develop early-stage prototypes and demonstrators

  • Connected solutions: The spectrum of consumer product connectivity is broad. Our unique skill set means we are able to ensure that embedded software, mobile apps and big data work together in perfect harmony.


  • Software solutions: Added value services matter. Zühlke can develop apps and customer portals featuring modern user interfaces and offering your customers genuine added value.

  • Innovation consultancy:We help you methodically to generate, assess and select ideas and to put together a long-term business plan.

Zühlke helps you turn smart ideas into brilliant products and services. We help you couple your core competence with the latest technologies to seize tomorrow’s market opportunities. Every project with Zühlke contains a promise – we take responsibility and are by your side as a powerful partner all the way from the idea through to the successful product.

Photo: Ms Gabriele Baierlein

Gabriele Baierlein

Director Business Development
Automotive Industry and Consumer Solutions