Getting smart technologies on the road

The future of the automobile is the connected car. The connected vehicles set to be launched in coming years will pave the way to realising the vision of the driverless car. Electronics, software and intuitive human-machine interfaces are set to play a key role in connected car development, but for many OEMs and suppliers, optimising the interaction between them can prove challenging.
In the fast lane to the connected car

Until now, electronics and software have been used for internal vehicle functions. With the connected car, this paradigm is overturned. Connected vehicles will be digitally connected to their external environment via sensors, mobile technologies and the cloud. For OEMs to meet customer functionality and user experience expectations, they will need to be ahead of the curve in two rapidly progressing areas:

  • Car-to-X safety: Networking vehicles with other vehicles or services makes driving safer, more environmentally friendly and more comfortable. For OEMs, this presents an opportunity to enter the service business or to forge new partnerships by offering preventive maintenance. Maximum data security is absolutely essential.
  • Infotainment: From real-time vehicle status data to real-time traffic reports, customers expect to be able to intuitively access whatever information they want. For OEMs, the challenge is to keep pace with the latest human-machine interfaces in consumer products such as smartphones and tablets.

A full range of connectivity solutions from a single provider

The car is being transformed from a purely mechanical product into a digital service tool. From mechanics, through electronics, to data analysis on a cloud-based backend and intuitive operation, we are experts right across the spectrum of connected car applications. This unique expertise makes Zühlke the perfect partner for developing connectivity components and solutions

Get where you want to be more efficiently with Zühlke

Complex projects need experienced partners. With Zühlke, you reap the benefits of years of car industry and connected solution development experience. Our portfolio of services for OEMs and suppliers includes:

  • Design and development of software and connectivity solutions: We look at all the alternatives for every solution we develop. The best customer experience occurs when embedded software, mobile apps and big data work together in harmony.
  • Solutions at the interface between electronics and software: The ability to knit together expertise across several disciplines is one of Zühlke’s core competences. That’s how we ensure complex projects make rapid progress. For our clients, that means fewer decision-making iterations and better outcomes.
  • Process consultancy and methodology: Our approach is methodical and meticulous. That means being flexible in defining the optimum process for your project, and making use of the right combination of conventional, iterative and agile methodologies.
  • Designing and implementing human-machine interfaces: With our extensive experience in the consumer goods sector, we are always at the cutting edge when it comes to infotainment system, gesture control or augmented reality technologies.

Partnering with Zühlke will help you break into the connected car ecosystem faster and more efficiently. We are your one-stop service provider for mechanics, electronics, sensor, networking, mobile application and software solutions.

Photo: Mr Gerald Brose

Gerald Brose

Director Business Development
Automotive Industry and Consumer Solutions

Photo: Mr Jens von der Brelie

Jens von der Brelie

Director Solution Center
Automotive Industry and Consumer Solutions