• Hardware alone won`t solve your innovation challenge. Zühlke will.

  • Technology alone won`t solve your innovation challenge. Zühlke will.

  • Software alone won`t solve your innovation challenge. Zühlke will.

  • Consulting alone won`t solve your innovation challenge. Zühlke will.

How digitisation is changing innovation in industry

Internet of things, artificial intelligence, mixed reality – new technological developments are changing entire ecosystems and opening up new business opportunities for companies that will ensure their competitiveness. Digitisation can help develop new products and services, improve the customer experience, streamline operations and automate processes.

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Digital transformation allows the development of data-driven business models that improve the customer experience with optimized products, services and processes, increase efficiency many times over and reduce manufacturing costs. Smartly connected production facilities, tools and devices enable predictive maintenance, fact-based decision-making and efficient fleet management as well as the reduction of rejects and downtime. Thanks to methods such as lean prototyping and value engineering, new products can now be developed quickly and cost-effectively and tested on the market at an early stage of development.

In this context, successful digitisation projects always have one thing in common: they are implemented with a holistic, customer-centred perspective and an interdisciplinary culture of innovation across the entire digitisation process. Successful innovations combine business, technology and customer experience into viable products and services that generate real added value. Zühlke helps industrial companies transform their vision from a smart idea into resounding, scalable market success.


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