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User-Oriented Development

Usability Engineering

Overview of key usability techniques. Usability engineering methodology. Recording user requirements. Designing and evaluating user interfaces.


What factors determine whether a product makes it easy, hard or impossible for us to achieve our goal? What options are available for systematically addressing these factors during the development process? These are the questions addressed by usability engineering.

Good usability and a good user experience are important goals for many products. This means comprehensible, effective user interface design, as well as a good fit between functionality, information structure and the application. Good usability is the result of a development methodology which gives due consideration to users and their environment and activities.

The course teaches user-centric methods for recording requirements, modelling solutions and evaluating user interfaces. The theory component is illustrated throughout by means of a case study.

Practical exercises in which participants apply selected methods are also an important component of the course. The course will provide you with the components needed to develop useable software or non-software products.


Course participants are provided with an overview of the process and at the end of the course are able to profitably apply selected usability techniques, enabling them to contribute to improved usability of software and non-software products.

Target group

Product managers, analysts, project managers, software architects and developers who wish to identify user needs and create appropriate solutions.

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