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Product Engineering

Quality Engineering - Validatable Test Systems For Maximum Product Quality

Validatable test systems for maximum product quality. Tried and tested methods and techniques for immediate use.

New (D10187)

Consistent high quality is a key factor for successful products. In fast-changing, highly innovative fields in particular, this can prove challenging.

In this course, you will get to know tried and tested methods and instruments which serve as key components for professional, systematic test system development. You will look at the entire test system life cycle, from idea through to retirement. 

Quality engineering is a systematic method aimed at continuously testing and optimising relevant product characteristics. As part of the course, you will design and produce specifications for a test system based on a set of product requirements and a risk analysis. The specifications will then be used in implementing the system, and at the end of the process will be used as validation criteria.


You will learn effective routes to a properly documented, validatable test system. You will be able to analyse the test data produced by the system using structured data management, enabling you to produce graphic visualisations of product quality tailored to your needs. Example projects will be used to illustrate tried and tested methods and techniques which deliver visible, controllable product quality.

Target group

The course is aimed at staff responsible for designing, developing and operating test systems and test frameworks, at staff involved in analysing and visualising quality data and at production managers.

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